Airport and transfers

We are arranging transfers to Hakuba from Narita and Haneda airports, Tokyo and Nagano, as well as to/from other ski resorts in Nagano prefecture.

Airport transfers

Regular shuttle service is operating 4 times a day from Narita airport and 3 times a day from Haneda airport.

Luggage allowance is 2 items per person, and a small carry on item. Excess luggage will be carried on a space available basis and for a fee. If you have a lot of luggage, we recommend you to use Japanese courier service called Black Cat which is stationed at any airport with most of the hotels also offering this service.

Passengers on services arriving before 8PM will be disembarked at Hakuba Base Camp in Echoland. Passengers who booked the accommodation drop off service will be transferred to a smaller vehicle and taken to their accommodation. All passengers on services arriving after 8PM will be provided with a drop off service.


Price (From/To Tokyo, Narita airport, Haneda airpot)

Hakuba Base Camp ¥9,900
Accommodation in Hakuba ¥10,900
Accommodation in Otari (Tsugaike) ¥11,400


Operated by Nagano Snow Shuttle - Central Japan's Largest Snow Bus Operator

Nagano transfers

If you are planning to get to Hakuba by public transport we can arrange a transfer from Nagano.

Price: 2,000 to 2,300 yen per seat

Time to destination: 1h 15miutes

Please note that buses will drop you off at the designated stops. Most of the accommodations offer a pick-up service from there.


Operated by Nagano Snow Shuttle - Central Japan's Largest Snow Bus Operator and ファイル:ALPICO GROUP LOGO.jpg - Wikipedia

Private transfers

Private transfers to/from Narita and Haneda airports, as well as Nagano station and other ski resorts in Nagano prefecture are also available.

Approximate price (for a van of 8 people capacity): to/from Narita – around 150,000 yen, Haneda – around 100,000 yen, Tokyo – around 100,000 yen, Nagano – around 15,000 yen.

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